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Big shout out to Dr. Brandon Greer!! Stellar oral surgeon, Dr. & guy!!!! Took care of my son's 4 wisdom teeth and helped Mom(me) through it!! Called to check on him @ 9pm Friday evening!!! Nick was SO impressed! Even gave me his cell on a Friday if we needed him through the weekend. An awesome dr & overall guy. Will recommend him to ALL my family & friends & co-workers @ Aleris!!!!! I am Dr. Greer's new biggest fan!!!!!!---Jerrie

 I had 7 teeth pulled and was in and out in 25 minutes. Started hurting extremely bad after 4 days and was seen immediately. Was in and out of his office in 15 minutes. Feeling so much better. I will recommend him to all who ask----Earlene

 I would like for everyone to know that Dr.Greer is one of the most amazing surgeons in Ky. My name is Tina I had a dentist in Mudfordville ky pulled a abscess tooth with out giving me any antibiotics.And when he pulled my tooth he shattered my whole jaw bone. So my sister rushed me to U Of L hospital ER and by the time I got there I had a massive growth on the side of my face..So I went straight in to surgery the oral surgeons Dr Greer, Dr Bowles, And Dr Albert saved my life i fought for my life for 9 months in U of L hospital.And these amazing men Doctors where there for me the whole time.So after 6. surgery's I have to say that. If it was not for Greer i wouldn't be here-----Tina

Doing well about 30 hours post 2 wisdom teeth and molar extraction. It was easy, everyone was nice. I had some special circumstances and Dr. G made that no issue whatsoever.

I will be recommending Dr. Greer to anyone I come across in need of a fast, personable, and excellent oral surgeon.

Dr. G and staff really made my first time undergoing anesthesia stress free. 

Thanks guys!---Chris

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